Meet the Nats, Step Right Up and Greet the Nats

David Brooks recently explained his moral dilemma regarding whether to become a Washington Nationals fan. Unable to make a decision, he goes into the baseball season "adrift and uncertain, tempted by my lowdown cheating heart, caught between a lifetime love and an enticing new fling."

His "lifetime love" happens to be the Mets, so I can't blame him for his apparent willingness to abandon them for the upstart Nats.

My decision, however, involves so much more. You see, I'm a Philadelphia Phillies phan, born and raised in the City of Brotherly Love. And, given their long history of success, it's not so easy to give up the Phightin's.

But I, too, feel the tug of getting in on the ground level of a new team, with a storied history of its own.

Ok, I've decided.

Go Nats!